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Threka Tourism LLP is a travel company based in Kerala, India. We do have our branch office in Manchester, United Kingdom as well. We are mainly specialised in personalised singing, painting, photography and sightseeing holidays. Our special interest holidays started in 2006 in association with a popular UK company Known as Authentic Adventures. Threka organises vacations and holidays with individual painting tutors, choir leaders, photographers and travel agents from across the globe. We have organised and implemented mesmerizing vacations and holidays in the south Indian states of Kerala, Tamilndau, Karnataka and the northern states of Gujarat and Rajastan. Our next painting holiday for 2023 will be the most vibrant locations of Nepal.

Painting Holiday in India | Threka

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

The Ethos

‘THREKA’, for all the stake holders – contentment, prosperity and growth. We aspire to shine brightly in the industry as a most respected business, south of the Vindhya Range of mountains, in the sub-continent.


The Principal

THREKA’, quality, integrity and securance are the principles we take into most consideration. Any business initiatives or any association with our corporation will carry out our motto of quality, integrity and securance. Our stakeholders will never be regretted in joining hands with Threka as we sincerely take care of the interest and prosperity of our stakeholders as well.



Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being.

Why Threka

In 2007 when Authentic Adventures were planning some activity holidays in Kerala, team Threka accompanied them to find out the best itinerary, locations, hotels and other activities as well. Since 2008, they were very well experienced in Painting, Singing and Photography Holidays.

They could now easily figure out what an artist wants to paint, where a singer wants to sing or the taste of a photographer. We have already done many Painting, Singing and Photography holidays in Kerala and other parts of India as well. Also we are still finding new destinations for our future holidays.

Threka offers the best high quality service at an affordable price. Our holiday packages are designed especially for those who want to relax and do their activities whenever they want. We always give predominant consideration to our guests to experience our culture, tradition as well as our cuisine.

Paiting Holiday By Threka in Kerala India

Painting Holiday in India | Threka
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Painting Tutor

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Painting Holidays

Threka is really thrilled to provide you with an authentic painting holidays especially in the attractive destinations of India and Nepal.This would be a unique experience, offering spectacular landscapes, bustling cities, vibrant colours, fascinating culture and delicious cuisine. Our expert tutors are British artists who are highly talented and skilled in the profession with expertise performance . They teach beginners as well as experienced artists from all around the world.

Threka guarantees you to provide you with the best ever singing holidays you could ever have. We provide you with the best experiences and provide you with the best stage performances you could carry out in India that could boost your level of confidence as well.

Singing Holidays

Photography Holidays

photography holiday allows you to learn and enjoy Indian culture and cuisine, not just as an outsider looking in, but through direct participation. learning about the arts and religions of India, to discovering more about ancient traditions, etc. Threka will make it as an unforgettable Photography Holidays with lots of memories. Traveling with a camera is a feeling of adventure. Create lifelong memories. Enjoy moments of complete freedom, happiness and new experiences, of venturing into the unknown. Come to the place you have seen in your dreams.

Our Story

Aminesh Chamakala

Chief Excecutive Officer

Siby Mathew

Chief Financial Officer

Aminesh started his career journey in 2002 as a normal tourist taxi driver. He travelled far distance and huge throughout the southern states of India. In 2008 he was very lucky and fortunate to meet Mr John Brough (Former Director of Authentic Adventures, UK). John asked him to be the company’s tour manager for Kerala and they became great and good friends. John retired in 2015 and he set up his own travel company, THREKA TOURISM LLP.He is passionate and enthusiastic about traveling and his work in the tourism industry. He enjoys meeting and greeting visitors and tourists, helping and assisting them to experience this beautiful part of the world.

Our Happy Clients

I personally recommend threka for painting holidays in India. It personally developed my skill as an artist and so much more experience when it comes in India and I love India very much. Really mind-blowing experience with them and the holidays are one of the best days of my life.

Jemma Stone

My experience with threka was a very memorable one. I really love to sing songs and the holiday with threka really helped me to enjoy and study about songs more especially the Indian traditional songs, and the service from their side was very comfortable which makes no difficult to us.

Bennet M

Only one word simply the best. The trip to India really made me a new experience and all credit goes to threka. The holiday was very awesome and helped to understand more about India and Kerala. The culture, the villages, etc… and after all I was really happy in those days thanks to threka.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The painting holiday is one of a different kind of opportunity to explore and discover the beautiful country of India. This package deal consist of everything from exploring the local culture and trying out new foods, to learning how to paint like the Experts, locals, Etc. You`ll additionally have lots of time to loosen up and experience the lovely scenery. This is the perfect holiday for anyone who desires to enjoy the whole lot that India has to offer.

As like painting holiday singing holiday offers you more about songs especially when it comes in india it will be an mind-blowing holiday specially those who loves song. Singing holidays will be amazing and beautiful experience that can bring you more about singing and its experience, when it be with threka it will became a big life time experience. Threka is one of the best and leading singing holidays providers especially in india.

photography holiday will be an creative holiday and little bit different one, which allows you to study and enjoy Indian culture and cuisine, not just as an outsider watching in, but through direct interactions and participation. learning about the arts and religions of India, to catch and discover more about ancient traditions, etc. with Threka it will be an unforgettable Photography Holidays with lots of un forgettable memories. Traveling with a camera is a feeling of a different adventure.

You don’t need any single day of experience to come on this trip! Whether you’re a pro painter or have never picked up a brush before for painting, our experienced and trained guides will be there to help you every single step of the way. And as for singing also, well, we all love to sing while bathing, right? So no experience is necessary there either! Just come with an empty mind and enjoy to try new things, and we promise you’ll have the time of your life that brings you happy and we will make the best days of your life..